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Purification of Rivers, Lakes, Ponds and Reservoirs

Today, numerous water areas all around the world are faced with the serious problem of worsening water quality caused by eutrophication. Furthermore, in the polluted water areas, due to the internal pollution caused by the disposition of contaminants in the water combined with external pollution caused by sewage rapidly increases pollution.

Originally, nature has the power of self-purification. Based on the flexible application of this power, the biotechnology is used in our water purification system aims at zero pollutant discharge.


  1. Aiming at zero pollutant discharge, the system embarks on solving the eutrophication problems
  2. Ceasing the reproduction of blue-green algae
  3. Realizing the possibility of purifying large-scale water areas at low cost
  4. Restoring the ecosystem in the water to regain its self-purification ability
  5. The combination of landscaping and purification
  6. Getting economic benefits by building plantations, botanical gardens, restaurants and indoor cafe lounges etc. with the help of reduced water pollution.

System description

Purification of rivers,lakes,ponds and reservoirs decomposing sludge with pieces of GBC Green Biotech Floating-island GBC filtration plus plant phytoextraction

3 optimal methods
  1. To reduce the external pollution
    Main technologies : GBC filtration plus plant phytoextraction
  2. To reduce the internal pollution
    Main technology : decomposing sludge with pieces of GBC
  3. To reduce the pollutant density in the water
    Main technology : Green Biotech Floating-island
1.To reduce the external pollution

In order to protect water in the purified areas, it is essential to eliminate the external pollution. An effective way to do this is to purify the discharges from sewage treatment plants at highest level to make it reusable. The plants used in the reclaimed water production facilities can also produce landscaping and economic benefits.

After the purification, part of the water is used as cyclic water resource. The rest flows into rivers. Due to the availability of microbes with purification ability, the reclaimed water can keep on purifying in the purified rivers. After a period of time, we can improve the self-purification ability of the rivers, and thus realize our goal of no pollutant discharge.

2.To reduce the internal pollution

Wherever the words "Heavy Hammer" appears it means a patented anchorage system for fastening the floating-islands.

The Heavy Hammers made from GBC material can not only fasten Green Biotech Floating-island, but also decompose the internal pollutant?depositions like sludge in the surrounding areas. Due to the synergistic effects created by the cooperation of plants and microbes, the purification efficiency of the plants on the floating-island is improved significantly.

3.To reduce the pollutant density in the water

As the growing of plants will absorb nitrogen and phosphorus, building biotech floating-island in water areas can dispose utrophication of the polluted water. Various kind of plants can be grown on Green Biotech Floating-island, so flowers, grass, fruit, vegetables or biological fuel plants can be grown to gain some economic benefits. In areas lacking green plants, extra value is gained as the water purification facilities can also be used for environmental greening.

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